KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 13 — A subcompact car became collateral damage after one of two lions fighting to mate with a lioness crashed into it in East Java, Indonesia.

A clip of the incident, said to have occured at Taman Safari Indonesia II park in Prigen, went viral on social media over the weekend, Coconuts Jakarta reported.

The owner of the Toyota Yaris took to Twitter to share the damages sustained.

“This is what came out of the lions fighting. Honestly, I have no intention to seek compensation. I don’t even want to shake their paws,” the he said jokingly.

The park’s management revealed on Sunday that the incident had occurred on January 22 involving two male lions named Debo and Frans.

The pair had sought to dominate one another to become the alpha male in the enclosure.

“In the pride, there are eight lionesses and one of them was in heat,” the park said in a statement, adding Debo and Frans were trying to show who among them was the strongest.

While both did not suffer any injuries, the park did not say which of them gained alpha male status.