KUALA LUMPUR, June 24 — Connectivity is an enduring evolutionary change in most parts of the world and Malaysia is no exception.

Unlike a decade ago, connectivity is no longer a luxury only for the urbanites nor is it limited to mobile networks.

In today’s changing world, connectivity can be deployed in mobility, manufacturing, healthcare, construction and anything that can bring a genuine leap into the frontier.

With that in mind, telecommunications provider Maxis wants to empower Malaysians, both urban and rural, to be connected in all possible ways through a brand campaign dubbed, Rangkaian Kita Rangkaian Malaysia.

It aims to widen its services and drive the company’s evolution from a mobile telecommunications provider into full-fledged connectivity and digital solution hub for a broad range of segments.

The campaign will be driven by three core commitments that centre on seamless connectivity, offering a wide range of digital solutions and 24/7 expert assistance.

Here’s a low down of the campaign's objectives to better understand what Maxis got for its users.

Anytime, anywhere connectivity for everyone

Those who are always on the go can expect uninterrupted connectivity on land and at sea with the country’s first commercial offshore LTE (long-term evolution) connection.

Maxis also promises reliable indoor connection backed up by a suite of connectivity technology.

Simply put, it allows you to stay connected with always-on broadband that comes with cellular backup.

If you often make WhatsApp calls, you may also enjoy clear voice calls without delays or disruptions.

Business owners can also opt for the enterprise-grade network to enjoy flexible bandwidth-on-demand and secure integration with major cloud providers.

The network also offers 100 per cent stability to ensure your business is connected at all times.

Pic 2: Maxis Malaysia is committed to empowering Malaysians with its wide range of digital solutions. - Picture courtesy of Maxis Malaysia
Pic 2: Maxis Malaysia is committed to empowering Malaysians with its wide range of digital solutions. - Picture courtesy of Maxis Malaysia

Wide range of digital solutions

You can now embark on your digital transformation journey without breaking the bank.

Businesses that are dependent on technology can benefit from a wide range of solutions such as advanced network, cloud, cybersecurity, retail and payment as well as analytics solutions to take their business digital.

Maxis is also offering a wide range of 5G-ready devices and services with affordable instalments for up to 36 months and zero per cent interest on Maxis Zerolution.

24/7 expert assistance

In today’s digital world, any network disruptions can be irritating and at times costly for businesses that heavily depend on connectivity.

To ensure this doesn’t occur to users, Maxis has set up a dedicated 24/7 expert assist centre to offer help through multiple channels such as its Maxperts, Maxis Centres as well as their artificial intelligence-powered chatbot.

There will also be Maxis and Hotlink apps offering real-time billing, tailored rewards, service management and other services all at your fingertips.

Maxis Business Hub will also help corporates stay in control with services such as on-demand, real-time and end-to-end visibility solutions.

Surf over here to learn more about Maxis’ range of digital solutions.