PETALING JAYA, Feb 8 — The Public Health Malaysia’s Facebook post on stress levels of husbands increasing when their spouses wages are higher than theirs has drawn criticism from social media users.

The post, which sparked a debate among Malaysian men and women, had quoted a 2019 study titled ‘Spousal Relative Income and Male Psychological Distress’ from the University of Bath.

According to the research, husbands were least stressed when their wives earn up to 40 per cent of the household income, but become increasingly uncomfortable as their spouses’ wages rise, and were more stressed when they are entirely dependent on their partner.

“If a husband’s income is only RM3,000 but the wife’s income has reached RM10,000, your husband will be extremely stressed,” wrote the post.

Many Malaysians were infuriated by the post saying that what the husbands were going through was not stress, but just plain ego.

One man wrote in the comments section that his wife’s salary is much higher than him since they married five years ago.

“Although I’ve never asked her for money, she has always silently put money in my wallet.

“Now, I’m paying for some of her expenditures.

“To all the men out there, don’t be easily worried because at the end of the day, the most important elements that wives want from us are being respectful, loyal, hilarious and caring,” he said.

Another user penned down her thoughts saying that both husband and wife needed to complement and strengthen, rather than to financially compete with each other.

“We are made to complete each other and not to compete with each other,” she wrote.

Some women commented that the study was not valid as many of their husbands were happy that their wives earned more as this meant that they were happy and supportive of each other.