PETALING JAYA, Jan 21 ― A Canadian tattoo artist who covered her own scar following a cancer treatment is now helping other survivors regain their confidence using 3D tattooing technology.

Jody Stoski, 47, from Canada’s Calgary survived thyroid cancer in 2013, but the scar left behind from the surgery left her feeling ‘super self-conscious’.

However, Stoski managed to conceal the scar by tattooing over herself and makes a living inking natural features such as lips and eyebrows or covering self-harm or surgery scars.

“Some people wear their scars proudly as a badge of honour.

“Unfortunately, I was never secure enough to do so.

“Before I tattooed my scar I felt people were always looking at it. I was super self-conscious about it but now I feel more confident,” she told Mirror UK.

Initially working as a makeup artist, Stoski then decided to take up paramedical tattooing in 2008 and had no idea that she would end up using the technique on herself.

She explained that she wanted to go into a field where she could find more stability and growth and that was when she went into paramedical makeup.

“I worked out of a private clinic for cancer patients and I began my journey offering them both cosmetic and paramedical tattoos to restore their appearance and their self-esteem,” she said.

She then founded her own Cinnamon Girl Clinic, while working as a subcontractor at a local plastic surgeons’ office.

In 2020, she set up Jody Stoski Paramedical Tattoo Academy alongside her husband Kevin Stoski where she trains tattoo artists and offers a range of different treatments depending on the scar and skin conditions.

Stoski has posted pictures and infographics about paramedical tattooing and how it can benefit cancer survivors on Instagram.