KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 17 — A former convict set himself up to be arrested when he wrote a return address for his ganja package.

Daniel Mann had sent the package through a post office when an alert postal worker smelt the potent smell wafting from the parcel, Daily Record reported.

The post office then contacted police who quickly tracked the 42-year-old of Carsdale Road, Kenton, Newcastle down and arrested him.

When the case was brought up in court, prosecutor Neil Pallister said police attended to the case after receiving a call from the post office.

“Police attended and it was quite clear the package left by the defendant contained two large bags of cannabis,” said Pallister, adding that the package had a street value of £5,940 (RM34,003).

When police raided his home, they found £5,120 (RM29,306) in cash and 190 grammes of ganja at his home. 

He had also hidden 622 grammes at his mum’s home, without her knowledge.

The total value of the drugs, weighing more than 1.5 kilogrammes, was £12,440 (RM71,206), the court heard.

Mann was later sentenced to nine months suspended for 18 months with a six-month curfew and 100 hours unpaid work.