KUALA LUMPUR, October 1 — Local public transportation provider Rapid KL has apologised and vowed to take swift action after a video of its cleaners doing a hasty job circulated on social media.

The seven-second clip which was taken from an Instagram story and shared on Twitter by user devprasad888 shows Rapid KL’s Light Rail Transit’s (LRT) janitors carelessly wiping down the train’s handrails with a cloth.

“Please tell me this is fake! If it’s true, the operators need to terminate this contract immediately!” devprasad888 said in the tweet.

The tweet has been viewed over 130,000 times since it was tweeted yesterday evening.

Rapid KL took to their social media accounts to apologise for the incident and uploaded a video of how the cleaning should’ve been done along with a statement. 

In the statement, it stated that the incident took place at their LRT Ampang Station, which is the last station for the LRT Ampang/Sri Petaling Line.

It was explained that it was part of additional preventive measures to clean up and sanitise their trains whenever it reaches its last station for the day.

“However, the video showed that the cleaning was done in a hasty and dissatisfactory manner.

“Such display of non-compliance to Rapid KL’s prescribed Covid-19 prevention measures is alarming and we have taken swift action to reprimand the vendor and discuss remedial and preventive actions to ensure this does not recur,” Rapid KL wrote in the post.

The public transportation provider added that they expect high quality service from all their business partners, contractors, vendors as well as their staff while highlighting that they won’t hesitate to take actions for performances that fall below their quality standards.

“We also assure you that we will continue to enhance and improve our services to ensure Rapid KL trains and buses are safe and comfortable for all.”

Rapid KL’s video has been viewed over 6,000 times on Facebook with over 200 likes.