KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 23 ― A Japanese man, who sold his vintage 1989 Toyota Supra to treat his ill cat, got a pleasant surprise when the new owner returned the car to the man to celebrate the cat's recovery.

SoraNews24 reported that the Osaka man, who goes by the handle Leiz on Yahoo! Japan’s auction site, had put his 32-year-old classic car for sale at ¥2.7 million (RM102,990).

Leiz had initially thought it would be difficult to get a buyer but surprisingly, an avid car collector and animal lover agreed to purchase the vehicle after reading that Leiz needed the money to treat his cat which was suffering from feline infectious peritonitis, a viral disease caused by a feline coronavirus.

The buyer, ‘Masakoba’, made a deal with Leiz that he would build a garage on his property to house the Supra and sell it back to Leiz in the future for the same price he bought.

Essentially, the sale had turned into a loan of 2.7 million yen to a complete stranger.

Leiz's cat named Silk completed its treatment and is now in the pink of health.

As Leiz started working on gathering funds to buy back his car, Masakoba turned up at his (Leiz) house last month with the refurbished Toyota Supra.

Masakoba had spent the last several months carrying out an extensive restoration of the vehicle.

Having kept in touch with Leiz since the sale, and upon learning that Silk had healed, Masakoba drove the refurbished Supra to Leiz’s house and returned it to Leiz to celebrate the cat’s clean bill of health.

Masakoba had actually wanted to return the car to Leiz before Silk’s treatments were completed, but the restoration was not done until this month.