PETALING JAYA, Sept 6 — Malaysian Facebook users have been abuzz over Malaysia’s FamilyMart first vending machine located in Shell’s Karak Highway 2 set up three days ago.

Called FamilyMart Mini — Smart Kiosk’, freshly produced food and beverages such as drinks, sandwiches, dessert, ‘onigiri’ or Japanese rice balls are available.

“Our smart kiosk is automated, contactless & cashless, accepting credit, debit cards, and e-wallet payment.

“Designed for a new convenient lifestyle, bringing you fun & fresh food in a safe way,” the chain stated in a Facebook post.

With over 6,400 likes, many have also commented asking for similar vending machines to be placed in other states and hospitals.

“We are working day and night at Kuala Lumpur Hospital (HKL) and ever since the pandemic, we have only been eating bread available at the convenience stores in hospitals.

“I hope a similar vending machine can be placed at HKL too,” wrote Yogen Velautham.

Another user wrote that with a vending machine placed in hospitals, it would be easier for frontliners to get instant and delicious food.

Another similar comment from another Facebook user said that instead of highways, the vending machines should also be placed at train stations, hospitals, and office areas.