PETALING JAYA, Aug 20 ― Homegrown batik and textile online store Nyonya Kain is collaborating with Mercy Malaysia to contribute to strengthening the nation's healthcare system amid Covid-19.

Nyonya Kain will contribute 20 per cent of all sales made from July 8 till October 31 to aid Mercy Malaysia with its overall medical relief efforts in Malaysia.

Some of the efforts include implementation of mobile vaccination centres to vaccinate community members who have trouble heading to the nearest centres.

The donation will also go toward providing continuous humanitarian assistance to affected parties including hospitals, volunteers and medical frontliners.

Nyonya Kain’s contribution also goes to the deployment of critically needed medical equipment and other essential supplies to the medical sector.

Founder of Nyonya Kain Dayana Reza said in a statement that the brand is compelled to do its part to help amidst testing times.

“I have always believed that a business has the power to show love and care towards members of the community who are in need of help as long as we have the means and necessary resources to do so

“I strongly feel that this belief aligns with Nyonya Kain’s vision of shared prosperity and through this pay it forward message of responding to kindness by being kind to others, we can inspire others to do the same in their own areas and means.

“In such crucial times, the importance of coming together as a nation is inevitable and Nyonya Kain aims to play a part in doing so,” she said.

For the duration of this collaboration campaign, customers can contribute by purchasing anything from Nyonya Kain’s website including its range of fashionwear, to accessories, and collectibles here.