PETALING JAYA, June 11 — An Indonesian teenager from Jambi badly wanted to meet a boy she met through an online game, Free Fire.

She was so was so eager to meet the boy, she even sold her father’s motorcycle for 20 million rupiahs (RM5,785) in exchange for plane tickets to Jakarta for the meet-up.

Her plan backfired when the boy told her that he didn’t want to meet her, according to Tribun News.

A video of her looking lost and crying had circulated the internet with another showing a airport salesperson comforting the sad teen in the airport.

The salesperson had asked her what happened in which the teen revealed the story and her disappointment in not being able to meet the boy.

Other staff members at the airport were initially suspicious as the teen looked lost and was accompanied by no guardian.

The online news site also reported that the teen was adamant in wanting to fly to Jakarta but luckily her family managed to stop her in the airport after they saw her picture on the internet.