KUALA LUMPUR, June 9 — A McDonald’s chicken nugget shaped like a character from popular online game Among Us has fetched nearly US$100,000 (RM411,000) on online marketplace eBay.

Among Us is an online, multiplayer game that gained massive popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic, with almost 500 million monthly users at one point, The Guardian reported.

The nugget was part of an exclusive meal launched by McDonald’s in collaboration with the K-pop sensation BTS. 

According to bidding records, the nugget, which received 184 bids, was first listed for only US$0.99 (RM4) by user polizna on May 28. 

After a lull of two days, bidding for the nugget started at US$14,969 (RM61,000), kicking off a bidding frenzy among other users. 

When bidding ended, the nugget’s final bid was US$99,997 (RM411,000). 

As per the item’s description, the winner will receive the nugget frozen and air sealed to “ensure freshness”.

The portal said it was unclear whether users’ interest in the nugget was because of its resemblance to an Among Us crew member or the nugget formerly being included in the McDonald’s BTS meal, or both. 

Regardless, the sale has been trending on social media.

The Guardian noted that despite the whopping bid, the nugget was not the most expensive purchase on eBay. 

In 2006, a 123-metre yacht designed by Frank Mulder was purchased for US$170 million (RM700 million).