KUALA LUMPUR, May 20 — The free ambulance service offered by social activist Kuan Chee Heng had been temporarily suspended for sanitisation after it was used to send a Covid-19 positive patient to the hospital.

Taking to his Facebook, Kuan, popularly known as Uncle Kentang, said his team was not informed of the patient’s condition when they received a call from the patient’s family.

“We were only informed that the patient and her family had been infected with Covid-19 when we arrived at the house.”

“We wanted to leave after being informed but could not find the heart to do it. Our ambulance is not Covid compliant as it is not equipped with sanitisation facilities and it would give rise to problems when we take in non-Covid patients later.”

Despite that, Kuan said they still took the patient, who is a senior citizen, and sent her to the hospital.

Appealing to the people not to lie to them, Kuan said the incident had caused the team to be under a lot of stress.

“Although all of us have been vaccinated, we feel saddened that we were baited to go to the house.”

“It will be a different scenario if we were informed beforehand as we can decide on the next course of action.”

Kuan also appealed to Puchong people to stay at home as the area was now a hotspot for the virus.

“It is now easier for the young to get infected by Covid and spread it to their family at home without them knowing.”