KUALA LUMPUR, May 11 — Kindness has no boundaries as related by a student who revealed how his neighbours came to help him and his housemates as they are under home quarantine.

Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Ilmu Khas Cheras student Muhammad Danial Haiman Mohd Shazimi had tweeted a screenshot of his neighbour’s conversation and a picture of a note from his neighbour upstairs offering to lend a hand in getting them food and groceries.

The tweet, which has garnered over 13,000 retweets, has been circulating on social media since Saturday.

According to Danial, who has just finished his practical course at SK Pendidikan Khas Jalan Batu, he was living with other batchmates at a condominium in KL.

They had to undergo quarantine after one of his housemates tested positive for Covid-19 who has since been transferred to the MAEPS quarantine centre in Serdang.

Danial and his other housemates have been in quarantine since May 4.

“All of us had to wear the pink bracelet because of being close contacts.

“Our condominium management didn’t allow us to step outside as it’s a risk to others and they’ve also announced to other neighbours about our situation,” Danial told Malay Mail.

The 23-year-old, who specialises in teaching blind and deaf children, said that he was surprised to receive a text message from his front neighbour offering to help with buying food.

Just a day after, he received a note from his neighbours upstairs who offered to help Danial and his housemates with groceries as she knew they usually cooked at home.

“Obviously, we were moved by their gesture even though we aren’t that close.

“We only greet each other in the hallway or in the elevator although the uncle living in front of our place did help me out once when we first moved in here two years ago.

“The uncle helped provide me with getting a motorcycle sticker for my bike so I could park inside the premise as the quota for our house is used up by my housemates,” Danial said adding that, since then, they would usually greet each other whenever they met.

Aside from that, Danial also said that his neighbour upstairs also offered to buy them Hari Raya meals as they are under quarantine until the first day of Hari Raya.

“We really, really appreciate her gesture to buy us meals for Hari Raya.

“But actually, we’ve also been receiving lemang and kuih raya from our parents back home and the institute has also provided us with essential goods.

“We told the aunty she can ‘belanja’ us Hari Raya meals but not too much because we don’t want it to go to waste,” Danial said.

Danial with his housemate who are also his batchmates living in Prisma Cheras Condominium, Kuala Lumpur. — Picture courtesy of Muhammad Danial Haiman Mohd Shazimi
Danial with his housemate who are also his batchmates living in Prisma Cheras Condominium, Kuala Lumpur. — Picture courtesy of Muhammad Danial Haiman Mohd Shazimi

Danial, who is from Bachok, Kelantan, said that this was the first time he and his housemates have to celebrate Hari Raya away from home but they were thankful for having such compassionate neighbours.

They have done their first swab test which was negative for Covid-19.

The group has just taken their second swab test and are currently waiting for the result.

“We will be getting our results in a few days’ time.

“With God’s will, if everything comes back negative, we will be cutting our pink bracelet on the first day of Hari Raya,” Danial said.