KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 17 ― A stray cat is a social media star thanks to a post by Rapid KL bus captain who shared its antics of wanting to hitch a ride with him.

The relationship between Facebook user Apai Wanakashie and the cat, nicknamed Oyen, first began in August last year when Oyen first tried to ride on the bus.

The ginger cat, however, was not successful in its attempt as it was not wearing a face mask.

“No face mask no ride Mr Cat. If not get fined RM1,000,” Apai wrote in the post.

In a recent post, Oyen again tried to hitch a ride on Apai's bus.

Initially Oyen followed Apai's instruction to alight from the bus but when Apai turned around to check the interior of the bus, Oyen sneaked behind and followed the driver.

At one point, Oyen made a run to the upper deck to explore.

The exchanges between Apai and Oyen have caught the attention of Apai's employer.

In a post, Rapid KL assured Oyen that even though Apai refused to let it hitch a ride, the cat could consider riding the LRT.