KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 11 ― The fate of a 10-year-old animal shelter in Semenyih, Selangor now hinges on how much it can raise to save it from impending closure.

According to Meefah Shelter volunteer Yong Lee Fong, the shelter is running low on funds to look after its 3,000 dogs, 60 cats, 20 tortoises, one pig and one monkey.

“We are a no-kill shelter and the dogs are strays that were caught by local councils and bailed out by animal lovers.”

Speaking to Malay Mail, Yong said the shelter needs at least RM2,000 daily for its operating cost consisting of food for the animals and workers' salaries.

Yong said shelter founder Chan Mee Fah had proposed that the dogs be put to sleep to reduce the cost.

“But the volunteers opposed it as it went against the shelter's stand. Hence we are racing against time to raise funds to maintain it.”

Previously, the 78-year-old Chan, who is now wheelchair bound following a fall two years ago, was using her inheritance from her late husband to maintain the shelter but now the money was running low.

According to a report in The Star, Chan, who is childless, has a soft spot for strays and abandoned animals.

She now stays in the shelter to be close to the animals.

Yong said this was the second time the shelter was reaching out to the public for help.

“We did try to raise funds last year but the amount that came in was not much. We hope this time we can get more.”

The shelter recently set up an association ― the Selangor Furry Future Association ― to allow them for public donations.

In the meantime, the shelter hopes to get its animals adopted and also to reduce the number of workers.

“All our dogs and cats are either spayed or neutered. Whoever wishes to adopt them, we can arrange to send it to them.”

As for workers, Yong said they hoped to reduce the number from the current 17.

“We welcome volunteers to join us to clean up the shelter,” he said, adding that accommodation for volunteers can be arranged.

Those wanting to donate to the shelter can bank-in to Selangor Furry Future Association's account at Maybank. The account number is 512978061258.

For details, visit their Facebook page Meefahshelter, or contact Yong (012-3312680) or Conniebay (0122273188).