PETALING JAYA, March 11 — Two customers made a shocking discovery when the loaf cake they each purchased from a popular convenience store chain was infested with cockroaches.

Facebook user Abdul Rehman contacted Facebook group We Are Malaysians on Sunday with a video of him opening the store-bought cake that housed cockroaches.

“You see, still alive,” Abdul Rehman can be heard saying in the clip.

According to him, he bought the cake from a convenience store located near Jalan Ipoh.

In his message to We Are Malaysians, the disgusted customer said he had brought the cake back to the shop but was told by staff they can’t stop cockroaches from entering their products.

Abdul Rehman urged the public to check their items before buying after he was told to purchase another cake despite showing proof.

On March 3, Facebook user Sureshgita Vpp also had an identical experience at the same convenience store chain but this time, only this time at its Puchong Koi Tropika branch.

Like Abdul Rehman, Sureshgita had bought a cake from the same supplier who consigns baked goods to the mini-mart chain.

The 19-second clip shows an intrusion of cockroaches on the lid of his marble cake that were still moving about.

In the comments section of both posts, Malaysians advised the two customers to raise the issue to the Ministry of Health (MOH) and called for both premises to be inspected by authorities.

“Well, MOH should conduct spot checks on mini-markets also. Not only eatery,” said Raymond Siew.

Other Facebook users also chimed in to share similar experiences.

“Many times complained to the staff but they ignored, especially the egg section which has many cockroaches and flies,” added Rekharavin Govindarajoo.