US stripper goes viral for continuing to twerk after shocking fall from a two-storey pole (VIDEO)

American pole dancer’s horrific moment when she falls from the top of a tall pole and lands face-first on the stage. — Picture via Instagram/ genea_sky
American pole dancer’s horrific moment when she falls from the top of a tall pole and lands face-first on the stage. — Picture via Instagram/ genea_sky

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 11 — A pole dancer from Texas in the US went viral over the weekend after falling off a two-storey pole and smashing onto the stage. 

Despite a broken jaw, chipped teeth and a sprained ankle, the stripper, who goes by Genea Sky, continued twerking. 

Based on the 30-second video posted on social media, Sky was climbing atop a stopper pole while performing her manoeuvres before she slipped and landed face-first on the stage. 

Despite the violent plunge, Sky quickly got up to perform her routine. 

In a Twitter post, Sky confirmed the incident and also revealed that she suffered multiple injuries in the fall. 

“There’s absolutely nothing funny about this situation.

“This is the worst pain I’ve ever felt and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone,” reads her twitter post.

The twitter post, which has been retweeted almost 11,000 times since yesterday, has received many heart-warming comments wishing her speedy recovery. 

Following the overwhelming support on social media, Sky tearfully thanked her fans who sent her well wishes after her video clip went viral. 

“Originally I didn’t plan on posting about this situation at all,’ Sky said in the video while wiping away tears.

“But obviously the video has gone viral and I’m getting a lot of messages asking me if I’m ok.”



She then explained that she broke her jaw in the fall as well as suffering a sprained ankle. 

The dancer also broke some teeth, received some stitches under her chin and is set to have surgery on her jaw.

Sky also admitted that she is overwhelmed by all the positive messages she has received online. 

To help Sky in covering her medical expenses, her friend, Ayana Knowles, created a GoFundMe crowdfunding page asking the public for small contributions.

Although the initial fund target stated on the page was USD20,000 (RM82,680), a total of USD29,904 (RM123,623) has been raised for Sky as of press time.

Earlier today, Sky updated on her Instagram account that the surgery went well and is currently warded at the hospital.



Today has been a very long day. My surgery went well. My jaw is currently wired shut so please refrain from calling me as of right now and bare with me on replies because my phone hasn’t stopped blowing up. Everyone’s love & kind words have not gone unnoticed whatsoever and it means so much to me that all of you have blessed me and uplifted me in so many ways. I am overwhelmed in the best way by all the support. I was really nervous as this all started blowing up because people are cruel and this is a very sensitive time for me. But I never imagined so many people would stand behind me in a situation like this and that has outweighed all the negativity by far. I am beyond grateful for you all. I am in a tremendous amount of pain but i am ready for this road to recovery so I can get back to my life. I will continue to update everyone over the course of my recovery but thank you once again for EVERYTHING 🙏🏽

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