Six-year-old Malaysian horror movie fan and prankster gets taste of own medicine (VIDEO)

The moment the little prankster got pranked. — Image via Twitter/@sabiyusof
The moment the little prankster got pranked. — Image via Twitter/@sabiyusof

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 13 – A six-year-old boy caught on video at the receiving end of a scare prank by his aunties has become the darling of Malaysian social media.

In a Twitter post captioned, a “Disturbing people at night again” a six-second video showed the boy getting the fright of his life as he walked into the room to see his auntie in face mask as part of her beauty regimen.

Uploaded last week on January 5, the post has since garnered 27,500 retweets with the video viewed over 342,200 times was uploaded by @sabiyusof or Ain Sabrina Yusof, the aunt of the young boy, Ahmad Izz Shafiy Ahmad Fikri or better known as Izz.

According to Ain, Izz had been knocking on the door of the bedroom shared with her sister, and running away before they decided to surprise him instead.

“It was 11.30 at night, and we were all preparing to go to bed but Izz who usually stays up a bit late, came knocking on our door and running away.”

“By the third knock on our bedroom door, where ran away again, me and my sister were already on our bed, lights off and our faces covered with facial masks.”

The fourth time Izz knocked, the sisters told him to come inside.

“I had begun recording as my sister pointed a flashlight to her face. And Izz was surprised and scared to see our white pale ghostlike faces,” she told Mstar.


Ain said while Izz was scared initially, the young boy was over the scare quickly enough.

“He’s a naughty kid, he loves to kid around with us sisters. He likes to scare us from behind or from the kitchen,” she said adding that horror movies were his favourite.

Ain confessed even though they were not scared by Izz’s little pranks, they were kept entertained by his antics.

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