KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 8 — A primary school teacher’s Twitter post of how some parents and guardians were unable to pay school fees for their children had Malaysians rushing to help.

In the post, the teacher wrote that a mother had requested to pay RM30 of her Year Four son’s fees at the start of the school term last week.

“Is it ok for me to pay RM30 first Ustaz? The money I have is not enough to pay the whole amount. It should be fine right?” Musyetaq wrote adding that he then agreed to it.


The mother added that she had six school-going children while only her husband worked.

She also said that she would try to pay the balance of the school fees by the following month.

Musyetaq also shared how a grandfather, who is his grandchild’s guardian, could only afford to pay part of the fees.


“There are many who have a tough life,” added the teacher who is based at a school in Ipoh. .

Following Musyetaq’s tweet, many asked for the bank account numbers of the families so they could make a donation.

However, Musyetaq said many had donated to the families.

“I would like to thank internet users for their willingness to help them. And to those who donated, half of the amount had been used to clear outstanding amounts owed by the mother and grandfather,” he tweeted today.

Musyetaq’s tweet, however, did not state the total amount of fees needed to be paid by the families nor how much money Malaysians donated to them.

Musyetaq’s tweet on January 6 has been retweeted 13,100 times and received 12,300 likes.