KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 26 — When a pet stays long enough in a family, they become a part of it.

So, it is a sad time when the pet dies.

This sad moment was recently captured on social media when a video of a dog, believed to be a Pomeranian, was uploaded on Facebook.

It shows the dog named Okey being cradled by one of its owners while it struggled to breathe.

The heart-wrenching clip of the dying dog, believed to have been shot in Korea, has been shared 2,700 times and received 6,400 reactions.        

A woman is seen singing to Okey and asks it to “leave peacefully” while the boy who is holding it starts crying.

There is also a teary-eyed scene where the woman asks Okey if it could hear her to which the dog nodded.

“Okey, mummy love you a lot,” said the woman and again the dog that has been with the family for 16 years, nodded.

Most of the comments expressed condolences to the family.

“Heartbroken after seeing the clip. Tears flowed. Thankful dog has a loving family who accompanied it till the end. Hope everyone will treat their furbabies well, see them as part of family as we are everything to them,” wrote one social media user Connie Ong.

Another user, Stanley Huang wrote that 16 years of companionship means being part of the family.

“Have watched the clip many times. Everytime also make me cry. Too heartbreaking,” wrote Kitty Ng.