KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 2 ― Malindo Air has introduced new business class fare grouping by providing the options of Business Class Flexi and Business Class Promo.

It said in a statement that Business Class Flexi maintains the full-fledged fare features while Business Class Promo is ideal for travellers who want to fly Business Class on a budget.

“Both of the business class fare groups offer checked baggage allowance, up to two pieces of hand-carry luggage at a maximum of 10kg in weight, in-flight meals or snacks, complimentary seat selection, Malindo Miles points and spacious full leather seats with a personal in-flight entertainment screen for a relaxing journey,” it said.

The airline said the Business Class Flexi comes with 40kg baggage allowance, three times Malindo Miles points on every ringgit spent and the privilege of lounge access at airports with such facilities available, while Business Class Promo offers 30kg baggage allowance and 1.5 times Malindo Miles points.


Chief executive officer Chandran Rama Muthy said with this adjustment, the airline has made its business class accessible to cost-conscious travellers.

“In order to keep our products relevant, we have been looking into various product enhancements to cater to the demands of our passengers and travel trade partners. We want to remain customer-centric and make it a better flying experience every time our passengers fly with us,” he added.

Enhancements have also been made to the checked baggage allowance of Economy Flexi/Shuttle (for flights operated by ATR aircraft) and Economy Value (for flights operated by jet aircraft).


Economy Flexi/Shuttle has been increased to 30kg which is an increase of 10kg from before, whereas Economy Value has increased by 5kg, making it 20kg now, with these changes applicable only to Malindo Air operated flights.

Malindo Air is a Malaysian airline with main hubs at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and the convenient KL downtown city airport Subang Skypark in Selangor.

The fleet itself has grown exponentially to 13 ATR72-600 and 29 Boeing 737 as of July 2019. ― Bernama