KUALA LUMPUR, June 18 — A simple gesture of kindness goes a long way for a Tesco Supermarket worker in Kedah.

Ain Fatin Lyana from Alor Setar thought she had lost her husband’s wallet containing RM2,000 at Tesco Stargate where she went to do some late night grocery shopping.

To her relief, the wallet was found in a shopping trolley by kindhearted Tesco Supermarket worker Azhar Abdul Hamid, who then returned it to them.

Overwhelmed by the worker’s action, Ain Fatin praised Azhar on Facebook for his honesty.

In her Facebook post, Ain Fatin said she and her husband Nor Afifullah realised that the wallet was missing as they were driving back home.

Ain Fatin told mStar that as soon as they noticed the wallet was missing, they rushed back to the Tesco outlet, hoping they could find it there.

Although the supermarket was already closing, Ain Fatin managed to approach a worker who was arranging the trolleys.

“I asked if he had found any wallet and he said ‘yes’. He found a black one and was about to pass to the customer service,” she added.

Ain Fatin said she was surprised by Azhar’s honesty and thanked him for returning the wallet.

“When we checked the wallet, everything inside was untouched,” she said.

Ain Fatin’s Facebook post, which has been shared 900 times at the time of writing, has also garnered many heartwarming comments from other social media users.

The users praised Azhar for his sincerity while performing his duties.

Meanwhile, Azhar told mStar that he was overwhelmed when he saw the positive comments by social media users.

It was also reported that Azhar’s actions have come to the attention of his employer and Tesco was in the midst of preparing a token of appreciation for the worker whose salary is only RM1,500.

Ain Fatin also thanked Tesco for nurturing honest and trustworthy employees.