LONDON, Jan 27 — Biking enthusiasts may be interested to learn about a project that will open up 2,000 km of mountain bike trails which will connect eight countries in the Western Baltics. 

Called the TransDinarica, the path climbs over the Dinaric Alps and takes bikers along the Adriatic Sea and through the rugged wilderness of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia. 

The trails are single-track mountain dirt roads and cut through the Dinaric Alps and Shar Mountains. 

The project is a collaboration among outdoor adventure companies from Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and is modelled after the hiking trail Via Dinarica which likewise spans nearly 2,000 km within the Western Balkans. 

Bikers can go it alone, but the company is also launching guided week-long tours that cover two to three countries at a time. — AFP-Relaxnews