KUALA LUMPUR, July 25 — Committed to the highest of standards and technological innovations, GSF Technologies Sdn Bhd is a company that specialises as a computerised surveillance backend provider. Its Engineered Computer Appliance (ECA) solutions is basically an open platform video management and intelligent video processing computer appliance.

GSF Technologies Sdn Bhd, an MSC status company, was founded in 2005. It designs its own engineering driven digital surveillance systems. According to Sengfu Gan, Managing Director of GSF Technologies Sdn Bhd, the company deals directly with their customers. GSF® strictly adheres to three principles in their delivery of digital surveillance solutions; design, supply and support. It undertakes  projects from the designing of the system stage, tailor-made to customer’s requirement by GSF’s  in-house engineering and development providing customers with comprehensive support service, peace of mind and the satisfaction of a job well done.

GSF’s clients (or customers) are actually system integrators who deal with actual clients. The company’s standard operating procedure has always remained the same since its establishment. Its sterling support, back up and pre- and after-sales services can be considered immaculate and this culture is manifested in its now popular and established TrueBlue® insignia, a trademark that reflects its priority for services towards customer satisfaction.

When the surveillance system is equipped with an ECA,  the ‘heart and soul’ of the full integrated digital and surveillance system, it is rest assured, your digital surveillance is in good hands as it is reliable, self operating, with self monitoring capabilities and even has its auto-fixing recovery abilities. With high tech surveillance equipments such as these, your system is totally guarded against all kinds of failures and unexpected shutdowns. The SmartLogic®  video content monitoring installed inside the ECA ensures all CCTV recordings are in good order and besides disk health monitoring, it also safeguards your evidence inside the hard drive by tracking each hard drive serial number, so that you will know if your evidence inside the disk has been changed with another drive. Overall, evidence preservation is the most important  issue and not the hard disk drive. That is the reason GSF’s top quality-assured digital equipment has become the choice of many customers to monitor their premises.

GSF with 13 years of experience in designing HDCCTV solutions for customers, provides professional, engineering-driven solutions. GSF executes professional engineering value in Pixel-Density calculations that are based on actual customer premises, so as to ensure  that clear and useful evidences are able to be captured by the system, and of course, this is backed by GSF’s TrueBlue engineers who go on site survey. Customers who experience technical difficulties, unsolved technical issues or integration issues can seek assistance from TrueBlue Service to iron out problems and to have smooth operations restored.

The 4th Generation ECA®

The ECA 4 is essentially an Engineered Computer Appliance that is specially developed by GSF for HDCCTV surveillance. It is a sophisticated and ever-evolving platform with remarkable features that continue to redefine industry standards while the Heartbeat is the IOT controller designed by GSF Technologies that acts as a round the clock hardware defence system. It monitors system health, collects system status data into cloud and takes action for recovery when necessary. This minimises the need for on-site technical assistance. The Heartbeat never stops working. It has an inbuilt battery that can self-sustain for 12 hours; thus in the event of a power outage it still can trigger an alarm. Amazing as it is, the ECA collects, processes and keeps every speck of information that has the ability to ‘report’ at an instance as and when required. It is a connected, open platform machine. In the event of a security breach, crisis situation or intrusion, GSF is able to receive instant triggers or warning of an encroachment and immediate response procedures are unleashed to the site in question.  

The ECA, made and designed by GSF engineers  is owned by the customer, coordinated by system integrators. Quick, accurate response would be the key words of this amazing manufacture — a must — have at high risk security premises in the country.

GSF prides itself in its passion for digital surveillance engineering feats, conducting research and innovation so that customers enjoy top-class surveillance systems that work to their requirements.

Within the scope of providing finesse  in top-class engineered features in HDCCTV surveillance system, GSF is equally associated with Macula®  — a video management software. Macula was created with data integrations in mind — a trend towards IOT. It is connected with Pro-Active Service capable via GSF’s Wilson Cloud®.

GSF Technologies is proud to be involved with the rendering of security solutions to LRT stations, ERL airport transit, logistics, factories, banks, colleges and universities, Kulim Hi-Tech Park, Langkawi Township surveillance and at gated guard residences.

Website: www.gsfcorp.com
e-mail: [email protected]