Why inclusivity is the new buzzword in beauty

Asos on Instagram. Handout pic via AFP-Relaxnews
Asos on Instagram. Handout pic via AFP-Relaxnews

LOS ANGELES, Sept 6 — Rihanna’s debut Fenty Beauty collection launches later this week... and rumor has it that she is set to release no fewer than 40 different foundation shades for all skin types.

According to HelloGiggles, the superstar confirmed the move via direct message on Twitter, responding to a fan account that asked if the rumors were true. She reportedly answered: “You knooowwww it! Gotta represent for my girls and we come in all shades! Especially my brown sisters...been left out too many times in the makeup world.”

Foundation aside, RiRi has already left us in no doubt as to the inclusivity of her makeup line thanks to its video campaign, which features models of wildly varying skin tones. And hers isn't the only beauty brand catering to people from all walks of life -- A.P.D.G. hit the headlines recently, thanks to its colour-inclusive approach to foundation, while major brands such as MAC, Maybelline and Lancome have all recently expanded their products to include cosmetics designed for deep skin colours.

It appears that the industry is broadening its definition of beauty, and not just when it comes to skin tone. Earlier this week, Asos unveiled its debut cosmetics collection, as well its new Asos Face + Body concept, with a campaign featuring both women and men of all sizes and skin tones. An accompanying press release stated: “There are no rules or limits, just endless ways to be you.”

Elsewhere, 2017 has seen male vlogger Manny Gutierrez and makeup artist James Molloy unveiled as ambassadors for Maybelline and Rimmel London respectively. For now at least, it seems that diversity is the key beauty trend of the season. — AFP-Relaxnews