SAN FRANCISCO, May 18 ― If you want to clean up your archives on your social networks, your personal or professional messenger services, you should know that there is a practical tool called Redact that allows you to delete all or part of what you have posted on most social media and direct messaging.

American startup Redact offers users the possibility to automatically clean up old publications posted on Facebook and others. In total, there are nearly 40 platforms concerned, from Twitter to TikTok as well as Instagram, LinkedIn, Messenger, Skype, Discord, Slack, Reddit, Spotify, Twitch and even Tinder.

Rather than “cleaning up” your networks by hand, which can quickly become complicated and tedious, you could save time by opting for an application that does it automatically and quickly. Redact can delete a multitude of messages and posts from several accounts within a few minutes.

Among content to be deleted, you can choose between messages, images, comments, lists of subscribers and “likes.” It is even possible to define a recurrent calendar (every year, every quarter...) to regularly “empty” your accounts.

Redact also promises not to store any data on any server. Any data deleted in this way will be irretrievable.

Redact is free to download (for Windows, Macos, Linux and Android). The only services requiring fees are those offered to companies. ― ETX Studio