KUALA LUMPUR, July 21 ― A lot of us depend on work-related applications for our jobs, especially after people started using them more during the Covid-19 pandemic. For those using Microsoft Teams, they may not get much work done today due to the application being down until further notice.

Microsoft 365’s status Twitter account confirmed that users have reported of them being unable to access Teams or use its features — including its integration with Microsoft Word, Office Online, and SharePoint Online. According to them, they determined that “a recent deployment contained a broken connection to an internal storage service” is the cause.

“We’re working to direct traffic to a healthy service to mitigate impact,” tweeted Microsoft 365.

Looking through my own Twitter feed, and after searching “Microsoft Teams” on the platform, several users are pretty glad that the service is down. Some asked Microsoft to “take its time” and that there is “no rush to fix” the servers.

However, Microsoft 365’s latest update stated that Microsoft Teams functionality is “beginning to recover”. They’re also currently making an effort to “implement relief within the environment”.

In the meantime, Teams users won’t be able to use the service globally until it’s fixed. But if you want the newest updates, you can go through their Twitter page. I’ll update this article when it is fixed, as well. ― SoyaCincau