SAN FRANCISCO, Dec 17 ― Creators on Snapchat made some money in 2021! The social network revealed the amount paid to its users for creating content on Spotlight. The platform had pledged to pay US$1 million (RM4.2 million) a day to boost its tool designed to rival TikTok. So has the social network kept their promise? Well, it's complicated.

It's quite an impressive sum that Snapchat has doled out to its creators. In all, more than 12,000 creators have received the equivalent of US$250 million collectively thanks to Spotlight, one year after its launch, Evan Spiegel's social network revealed. That's a pretty penny indeed, but it doesn't exactly correspond to the amount promised by the company. The platform committed itself to paying a million dollars a day to creators to publish content on Spotlight, with its continuous flow of short videos inspired by TikTok. The strategy was designed to attract and win over internet users and counter the phenomenon that is the famous Chinese social network. In actual fact, the creators concerned received more than US$20,000 on average each over the year for their content.

Snapchat is continuing to put greater emphasis on its Spotlight tool. While TikTok continues to perform spectacularly, in part thanks to its exclusive content, such as the creation of a series specially designed for the social network, Snapchat is also refining its strategy. The social network will offer users a series starring Addison Rae, the influencer discovered on... TikTok! Recently, Snapchat announced it would pay up to US$25,000 to creators for challenges on Spotlight.

To build up its communication strategy, Snapchat has a stable of choice influencers at hand. In addition to former TikTok star Addison Rae, the platform has announced a partnership with the reigning family of social networks, the Kardashians.

“In the year ahead, we'll continue to offer a range of opportunities to meet the needs of creators as they entertain our community while growing their brand. And for our community, we'll continue to make it even easier to follow and view content from your favourite creators ― whether that be on Spotlight, Stories or Discover. Today, over 25 Spotlight creators are also syndicating their show on Discover, with more to launch in the coming months,” Snap revealed in its press release. ― ETX Studio