‘Dicey Dungeons’ rolls for August 13 date

‘Dicey Dungeons’ releases on August 13. — Terry Cavanagh/AFP pic
‘Dicey Dungeons’ releases on August 13. — Terry Cavanagh/AFP pic

NEW YORK, July 28 — Next up from the developer of cult hits VVVVVV and Super Hexagon is a game in which walking dice battle vampire vacuum cleaners, sword-swinging frogs, and mean ol’ snowmen in an effort to defeat Lady Luck.

Irish developer Terry Cavanagh, of tough-as-nails spaceship escapade VVVVVV and twitch-reflex challenge Super Hexagon, is preparing to release his next big project in August.

Dicey Dungeons is all about beating the odds, a task easier said than done for dice on legs.

As a six-sided warrior, witch, thief, robot, jester or inventor, the idea is to get to the end of a dungeon run in order to outdo Lady Luck herself.

Procedural generation means that each dungeon’s layout is different, adding another wrinkle to the unpredictability of playing as a random number generator.

The game has been in active development on Itch.io for over a year, and will be released both there and on the Steam service, in 14 languages including English, German, French and Spanish, traditional and simplified Chinese, Korean, both major Portuguese dialects, and Turkish.

Dicey Dungeons is debuting across Mac, PC and Linux systems, with past performance suggesting it might land on other platforms as well.

After all, previous hit VVVVVV spread to mobile and to Nintendo and PlayStation consoles, even re-releasing on the Nintendo Switch seven years after its first bow, while Super Hexagon started out on iOS and then launched on Android as well as Mac, Linux, PC and even BlackBerry over the following six months. — AFP-Relaxnews

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