AI-powered tech for... your pets?

Your pets, too, can benefit from AI. — AFP pic
Your pets, too, can benefit from AI. — AFP pic

NEW YORK, July 23 — In 2019, everything from your phone to your microwave can be smart, so why not your pet’s toys and bowls, too? Turns out, your pup and cat can enjoy the same connected lifestyle.

In recent years, the pet tech market has been picking up speed. Not only can you find AI toys for your dog or cat, but you can also find smart beds that track their weight and even smart bowls that ensure they’re eating the proper amount. Here are a handful of the smart and connected gadgets that can keep your pets connected in the 21st century.


Mookkie is a feeder designed for multi-pet households using Volta Artificial Intelligence technology. The bowl — which has as clear panel covering the food — is equipped with a camera powered by visual recognition system that recognises individual pets; when Mookkie sees the pet it’s associated with approaching, the panel opens. Any food thieves will be forced to retreat with this AI-powered bowl controlling access to dinner.

Mookkie will retail for US$189 (RM778) when it launches in September.

Petrics Smart Pet Bed

Petrics’s Smart Pet Bed is a climate-controlled bed equipped with a scale to track animal weight fluctuations. Using the complementary app, users can heat or cool the cushion with settings that allow geographic location, breed type, and individual pet preferences to be taken into account.

The Petrics Smart Pet Bed is expected to hit the market later this year.

Petcube Play 2 and Bites 2

Petcube offers two types of smart cameras: One for dogs and one for cats. The latest generation of both are integrated with Amazon’s Alexa. In addition to being able to remotely play with your cat via a built-in laser toy or toss treats to your pup with the treat launcher, you’ll be able to play music, get news updates, and order food.

Both Play 2 and Bites 2 are available for US$199.



Varram Pet Fitness Robot

Varram’s Pet Fitness Robot is a toy that can be powered and optionally remote-controlled with a smartphone. The device can roll around while you’re away to keep your pet active throughout the day. Using your phone, you can dispense treats, track your pet’s activity and schedule exercise.

The Varram Fitness Robot is available for US$149. — AFP-Relaxnews

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