The App Store: Finding great games and helping developers put the word out (VIDEO)

Cats, cards and cute shoot-em-ups: three games to check out on the App Store (if you haven't already). — Picture courtesy of Apple
Cats, cards and cute shoot-em-ups: three games to check out on the App Store (if you haven't already). — Picture courtesy of Apple

KUALA LUMPUR, June 3 — Apple’s upcoming Arcade games subscription service is certainly an exciting development for gamers. 

While that is expected in the fall, there’s still plenty to discover on the App Store gaming-wise.

The Games section in the App Store has proven to be a boon for both gamers and developers. 

Gamers can easily find the hottest games without needing to wade through all the different apps and developers can better reach the audiences they’re targetting.

Here’s a selection of some cool new games out on the App Store, and the best bit is they’re all made by South-east Asian developers including one from Malaysia.

Two-man wonder

Think just two people couldn’t come up with a great, bestselling game? Weyrdworks Studio, a Malaysian outfit, would prove you wrong.

Founded by Shawn Beck & JT Yean, their fun game WarPods features a fun action-arcade experience with quirky, original art. 

You might have seen their game Super SteamPuff that won Best Quickplay Game at the Indie Mobile Game Awards.

Speaking to WarPods graphic designer JT, he said that with the new generation of iOS devices, the tech had evolved enough they could push the boundaries where graphics were concerned.

That can be seen in the various effects and high resolution graphics in WarPods — Check out the graphics in the video below.

You can download the game here

If you like it, another game in the WarPods universe, StrikePods is coming soon but offering a roguelike shoot-em-up experience.

The Internet is for cats

One particular game that benefitted from the App Store redesign was Singaporean mobile outfit GentleBros’ Cat Quest — a game that has regularly featured in the top paid apps charts, while being shortlisted for and winning awards on the way.

The team noted that being featured in the new App Store was a great help marketing-wise — it helped get the word out to gamers and now the Gentlebros are already working on Cat Quest 2

Thanks to popular demand, the game will now also feature man’s best friend, dogs, besides the ever-popular cats.

You can take a peek at the next Cat’s Quest game below:

Card game meets P2P

If mobile battles are more your speed, check out INVICTUS: Lost Soul from Thai games company True Axion Interactive.

The game is very polished, testament to the company’s goal to create AAA-quality mobile games.

INVICTUS combines an interesting dynamic — drawing a deck of cards which will determine your battle strategy when fighting one-on-one with a randomly selected opponent.

Launched in Thailand a few weeks back, it only just recently made its debut in Singapore and Malaysia.

You can check out the game here.

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