Huawei rumored to be launching 8K 5G TV this year

Huawei could have an 8K 5G TV in the works. — Reuters pic
Huawei could have an 8K 5G TV in the works. — Reuters pic

BEIJING, May 3 — As reported by Nikkei Asian Review yesterday, Huawei Technologies could be launching the world’s first 8K 5G TV, equipped with a 5G module, as early as this year.

On Wednesday, Nikkei Asian Review reported that sources familiar with Huawei’s hardware plans had revealed that the company will be allegedly introducing their first television — which will also be the world’s first 8K 5G TV — later this year.

5G-support will allow the TV to download and display data-heavy content like 360-degree videos and more, as the 5G ecosystem expands. Additionally, the TV would not require conventional cable or satellite broadcast services and could “act as a router hub for all other electronic devices in a home.”

According to the Review, Huawei is aiming to saturate its product offerings and complete its consumer electronics portfolio, in order to compete with technology giants like Samsung and Apple.

The company previously announced one of the first 5G smartphones to hit the market, as well as a handful of 5G routers for the home.

So far, Samsung, too, has announced a 5G handset, but their 8K TV does not support 5G. Other leading television manufacturers like LG Electronics and Sharp displayed their own 8K TVs at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

While the launch of a 8K 5G TV demonstrated that Huawei is leading the competition, it may be ahead of its time, given that in order to benefit from this technology, “there needs to be an ecosystem for 8K, including cameras, and 8K TV processors, encoders and decoders to broadcast 8K content, which are not yet mature,” as tech analyst CY Yao was quoted as saying.

Samsung 8K televisions are priced from US$5,000 to US$70,000 (RM20,677 to RM289,478) depending on size. — AFP-Relaxnews

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