Lineable offers simple kid-tracking device for just US$5

The US$5 child-safety GPS beacon. — AFP pic
The US$5 child-safety GPS beacon. — AFP pic

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SEOUL, Sept 19 — Seoul-based Reverth has unveiled Lineable, a simple GPS beacon that does nothing other than emit signals to a corresponding app, allowing parents the peace of mind of knowing where their child is at all times.

Kiddie wearable tracking devices are on the rise, and while plenty of them offer educational or health tools, one thing they all emphasise is safety. As for that, Lineable, currently on crowdfunding site Indiegogo, offers nothing but and has everyone talking because unlike most child-safety devices, it costs a mere US$5 (RM16).

A look at other products on the market or coming soon and what they include:

Beluvv's water-resistant Guardian, which allows parents to designate a 'safety zone,' is available for US$39.95.

My Buddy Tag also sells for US$39.95 and has a water safety feature that alerts parents if a child is submerged for more than five seconds.

KidSport GPS Tracking band is available now for US$129, and is a safety-focused wearable that offers more sophisticated functions, for example, it is waterproof and alerts the parents when the band is removed. It also allows parents to see where their kids go unsupervised, a function it calls “breadcrumbing,” in an inverse reference to Hansel and Gretel. The product even features a safety latch making removal a challenge for kids.

Products like Amber Alert GPS offer two-way calling and SMS messaging so that parents and kids can stay in touch, eliminating the need to buy Junior his own phone. The device costs US$125 and monthly subscription plans are available for between US$15 and US$18.

With 28 days to go at press time, whether Lineable will achieve their crowd-funding goals is anyone's guess, although the products low price could be its own worst enemy in this sense for it would need a slew of backers if it is to raise the money on pre-orders alone.

Pre-ordered shipments for Lineable are to be expected in February 2015. — AFP-Relaxnews

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