KUALA LUMPUR, June 20 — Three years after he was caught cheating on his singer and actress wife Sammi Cheng, Hong Kong celebrity Andy Hui still has fears of performing before an audience.

This was revealed by Cheng recently, Sohu reported.

According to Cheng, although Hui had taken steps in preparing to come back, he still has his fears.

Hui had in April last year announced that he would join Universal Music Group but due to unforeseen circumstances, he has yet to make a comeback.

Cheng revealed that Hui was still worried about how the public would react to him, three years after he was caught smooching actress Jacqueline Wong at the back of a taxi in April 2019.

She however, feels that if Hui continues being humble and cherish opportunities given to him, he could do it.

Following the kissing controversy, Hui temporarily stopped all work and spent time with Cheng to mend their relationship.

Hui first returned to showbiz by appearing on ViuTV in June 2020.