KUALA LUMPUR, April 6 ― Malaysian singer Zizi Kirana will not be giving away her sexy clothes to avoid encouraging people to sin.

The 36-year-old former Akademi Fantasia contestant told Astro Gempak she no longer has any sexy clothing in her wardrobe.

“Some asked why don't I just give the clothing away.

“If I did that, it would be akin to me encouraging people to sin.”

Zizi, or her real name Nur Fazelah @ Zizie Mad Tahil, reiterated that she wanted to change for the better after losing many loved ones around her.

“I am trying to change for the better.

Insya-Allah I am doing it slowly.

“I do not want the change to be too drastic as we know Allah is testing us,” she said, adding that incidents of her losing her loved ones had made her want to change for the better.

The Semporna-born has often been targeted by social media users who claim her outfits are “too sexy”, to the point of comparing her to a porn star.

Asked about her intention to wear the tudung, Zizi said she would do so after completing prior engagements.

“I have been thinking about wearing tudung very often and have the intention to do so, just that I need to complete the work that had been agreed upon earlier.

“I respect them and I cannot be selfish when making decisions.”

Zizi had previously donned the hijab last Ramadan.

She, however, removed the headgear once the holy month was over, a move that drew criticism from social media users.