BEIJING, May 2 — Chinese entertainer Xiao Zhan released a single this week to spectacular response: it has now reached over 33 million purchased downloads and is arguably the most downloaded digital song of all time.

The song Light has already earned 101 million yuan (RM60.8 million)  in total sales according to official numbers that can be found on the website Saoju.

However there was a backlash against Xiao Zhan's fans campaign to mass purchase the song to the point that his agency put up a Weibo post stating: "Our company, as always, solemnly calls on you (fans) to continue to look after your studies, jobs, and lives at the same time.”

The song was the singer's first attempt at singing an R&B track and featured a multi-national production team from North America, North Europe, Spain and Netherlands.

Xiao Zhan, who was trained in graphic design, designed the cover himself which depicted a blue and red heart. 

”The heart is the joint of veins and arteries. In this picture, I interweave blue lines with red lines to compose the shape of love. And love is the origin of light,” he said in the song release statement.

After lying low for the past couple of months after an online furore, Xiao Zhan seems to be making his way back into the Chinese entertainment scene where he is ranked among the hottest rising stars.

He shot to popularity after starring in the Chinese fantasy drama The Untamed alongside singer/actor Wang Yibo, though he had appeared in various TV shows prior after winning a TV reality show and debuting as part of the boyband X NINE.