Actress Elfira Loy’s cafe slammed online for poor service, ‘tasteless’ food

Elfira Loy pictured at her cafe in Alam Damai, Cheras. — Picture from Instagram/elfiraloy
Elfira Loy pictured at her cafe in Alam Damai, Cheras. — Picture from Instagram/elfiraloy

PETALING JAYA, May 24 — Not long after social media users dragged her for lacking skills in the kitchen, actress Elfira Loy and her cafe are now under scrutiny.

A Twitter user with the handle syahiezaaa recently posted about her visit to Love Me Sevendays cafe which left her feeling like she was cheated out of her money.

“Lesson learned not to dine at Love Me Sevendays anymore. Made my reservation on May 6 for 10 adults with three kids for breaking fast today (May 22).

“I even paid a deposit for booking. I got the feeling that something was amiss when they didn’t respond to my texts after I made the payment,” she wrote.

When syahiezaaa turned up at the cafe that evening, she was shocked when staff told her that her reservation had not come through.

She claimed that they even tried to lie their way out of the mistake by telling her she had contacted the wrong number.

But syahiezaaa had kept the messages exchanged between her and the cafe along with the receipt of her deposit.

Further tweets alleged even more shortcomings of the cafe.

“At that time, they admitted the screw-up. It’s not just that, ever since May 6 I’ve been asking them for the menu so I can make pre-orders, but no one responded to my request,” wrote syahiezaaa.

After she and her family were finally seated and their orders were placed, she claimed that an absurdly long wait for the food ensued.

“I ordered at 6pm today and I was told that my order would only arrive after  Maghrib.

“I asked if it would really take that long and they told me it wouldn’t be any later than 7.45pm.”

Syahiezaaa and her family ended up waiting until 8.30pm before their food finally arrived.

To make things worse, she claimed the servers were unsure if they were serving them the right items and were constantly asking her to confirm if she was getting the right dishes.

“Your menu doesn’t even come with pictures, how are we to know what the food is supposed to look like?

“To top it all off, they never apologised even once,” she said.

Love Me Sevendays cafe currently has a 2.9 stars rating on Google.

Reviews have echoed syahiezaaa’s gripes about the service, with many citing long waiting times and shoddy service during their visits.

Maisarah Bakri gave the place a one-star review and called the food “tasteless”, adding that it was her first and last visit to the cafe.

Another reviewer named Ama Liya said that the food was “not fresh” and that it took ages for her dish to arrive.

Elfira has yet to comment on the matter, though some social media users have pointed out that the management of the cafe has changed and may no longer be under the actress’ supervision.

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