Who speaks the loudest

MARCH 13 ― I keep hearing Muslims say, “IS does not represent Islam.”

They are a deviant minority and in no way affiliated with the majority of Muslims who embrace Islam as a religion of peace and tolerance.

But I never understood the rationale and logic behind such an answer. Apart from the “feel good” fluff meant to make us feel better, perhaps many say that to lessen the guilt of having barbarians terrorising our world in the name of Islam. To somehow project that unlike them, we are “normal.”

Sure, it is not the majority but the minority who bombs, kills and maims the innocent. It is the minority who are bent of turning back civilisation to the Stone Age.

So why does it matter?

It matters because if a minority group can bring so much havoc, destruction and death, imagine what happens when their numbers grow. How powerful they can potentially be. They could very well be our Armageddon, or the proverbial meteor that many predict will spell the end of mankind.

That should be a cause for great concern to the majority, no?

The majority of Russians, Germans, Japanese, Americans were peace loving, but they were irrelevant when a minority of them killed millions of people during World War II. And have we forgotten it was a small group of fanatics which detained people in concentration camps where millions were tortured and killed?

Even in modern times, Operation Desert Storm for instance was sanctioned and carried out by a small group of people, while the largely peace loving Americans and Brits watched on CNN and other independent “free” world media. Let's not forget Boko Haram and the likes.

In all instances, the peace loving majority were insignificant. Irrelevant. Immaterial to these so called “minority” groups.

The majority needs to speak up. We need to ensure our loved ones do not join the “destructive” minority. We need to make ourselves heard.

Stand up to the religious bigots. Speak up and argue with them. It is as much your religion as it is theirs. No one should be allowed to dictate your faith, which should remain between you and God.

Tell them what you think about their brand of hudud, ban on festive greetings, fashion policing, and what you can and cannot read or watch.

Many will think this is a problem limited to Malay Muslims. But think again. What if they come into your shops, your malls, your dealerships arresting “immoral” Muslims? How long do you think before they find ways to accuse you of aiding and abetting a “sinner”?

Unlike many things in this world, stupidity knows no bounds.

Many have suffered in the past because the peaceful majority did not and dare not speak up. Many died even.

It doesnt matter whether you are the majority, or the minority. What matters is who can make a difference.

Be it good or bad.

*This is the personal opinion of the columnist.  

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