PUTRAJAYA, April 22 — The two children of a bodyguard who was seriously injured by gunfire while protecting his principal in a shooting incident at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) Terminal 1 last Sunday, are eagerly awaiting to meet their father after being told about his positive development by their mother.

Muhammmad Nur Hadith Zaini’s wife, Siti Noraida Hassan, 38, told Bernama that two of their three children are communicating with their father through video calls after he regained consciousness yesterday from an induced coma.

“They want to see their papa, but I haven’t brought them yet. I only connect them via video calls for now.

“Perhaps later when their papa is transferred to a normal ward, I will bring (the children) (to see him),” said Siti Noraida.


The couple is blessed with three children aged three, 10 and 13.

Siti Noraida said she and some close relatives were allowed to visit from day one since her husband, nicknamed “Along”, was admitted to Cyberjaya Hospital for treatment (of a stomach wound).

“Next of kin and I could visit him from day one, only children were not allowed,” she explained.


Yesterday, Bernama reported that the hospital had stopped using a ventilator when Muhammmad Nur Hadith started to regain consciousness and was recovering.

The KLIA incident at 1.30am on April 14 saw a man fire two shots, one of which hit the victim, who is a bodyguard to the gunman’s estranged wife.

The suspect, 38, fled after the shooting and was later arrested in Kota Baru, Kelantan, on April 15.

The Kota Baru Magistrates’ Court allowed the police’s application to remand the man from April 16 to 22 to assist in the investigation of the case under Section 8 of the Firearms (Increased Penalty) Act 1971 and Section 8 of the Arms Act 1960. — Bernama