SHAH ALAM, April 21 — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today admitted that his government does not have it easy to curb corruption in Malaysia.

He said this is because there are leakages everywhere and because corruption and power abuses have become systemic.

“I want to explain that, it is not easy at all, the battle against the corrupt is never easy.

“First, personalities have enormous wealth and influence. Second, they have networking among those in the government and the Opposition. That’s why the opposition is relatively muted when it comes to our attempts and efforts to go against the corrupt,” Anwar said in his speech during PKR’s 25th anniversary special convention today.


He then questioned the whereabouts of those who often championed the Malays and Islam, when action was taken against some of the richest in the country.

“Where are their voices, those who uphold Islam, those who champion Malay rights, all went silent because they are afraid to face the rich and corrupted.

“Leakages are everywhere but we take action. At the top level there is leakage, with the Customs Department, at times with the Immigration Department, the police, because corruption and power abuse have become systemic.


“Whose fault is it? The former government leaders. Those who always make a lot of noise in Parliament, why did they not fix this before?” he added.

Anwar stressed that regardless of whether the person is old or ailing, the law prevails.

“Some have said why do we still bear a grudge against those who are old and unwell?

“So if you are old and unwell, does it mean that you can rape and kill?

“I replied that I don’t care, as the laws prevails,” he said.