SHAH ALAM, April 21 — PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today reminded all party members at state, division, and branch levels to strengthen the party machinery by closely monitoring the implementation of programmes, including the Kerangka Kerja Keadilan Menang Siri PRU16 (KEMAS16) and Pemerkasaan Organisasi Parti 25 tahun (POP25) initiatives, which were launched today.

He said the party machinery must ensure an increase in party membership, and the State Leadership Councils (MPN) must be more active and robust than before.

“You know that no matter how loud our slogans are, or how just our cause is, if it’s not well-organised with a solid machinery, we will lose to those who shout ‘hidup Melayu’ (Long Live the Malays) or ‘laksanakan Islam’ (Implement Islam) even though we know their record is dismal.

“So we need to focus on programmes, execute them properly, and aggressively explain our stance and position while earnestly strengthening our machinery so that Keadilan (PKR) emerges as a giant in our country’s political system,” he said.


Anwar, who is also the Prime Minister, said this while delivering the President’s Address during PKR’s 25th Anniversary Convention here.

Anwar said he had asked the party leadership to assist the machinery by providing information and closely monitoring the implementation of programmes at all levels according to schedule.

KEMAS16 is a framework for PKR’s preparation for the 16th General Election (GE16) by strengthening grassroots organisations through structured and periodic programmes, following a social enterprise template as part of its strategic work towards GE16


It is developed and driven by the Election Departments at the central state, and division levels, focusing on key seats by mobilising party machinery and volunteers.

POP25, on the other hand, is a structured work framework that aims to increase PKR’s membership, establish more party branches, create a trained communication machinery, and implement leadership training at the state level.

After this special convention, the climax of PKR’s Silver Jubilee celebration will take place on May 11 at PKR’s 25th Anniversary Celebration Night at Sentul Depot, Kuala Lumpur.

The celebration on May 11 is scheduled to be a day-long affair, with the main event being the delivery of the PKR President’s address. — Bernama