KUALA LUMPUR, April 3 — Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Ibrahim today granted an audience to Datuk Seri Chai Kee Kan, the founder and executive chairman of the KK Mart Group which has been involved in the “Allah” socks controversy.

During the 15-minute meeting at Istana Negara here, Chai, popularly known as KK Chai, apologised to Sultan Ibrahim for the controversy caused by the sales of the offending socks last month.

In a post on Sultan Ibrahim’s official social media, Chai asked for forgiveness from His Majesty as well as all Muslims regarding the issue of selling socks with the word “Allah” printed on them at the KK Super Mart outlets.

The King decreed for all parties, including KK Mart, to be more careful about the products sold in their outlets.


He said this especially includes imported goods, to prevent such incidents from occurring again.

“All parties must be more responsible. Don’t let the same incident repeat, and I hope that this will be my last time insisting on the matter,” His Majesty told the Royal Press Office (RPO) in a statement that was posted on his official social media today.

Sultan Ibrahim also reminded all parties against taking advantage of the situation that was triggered by the “Allah” socks issue.


He said this includes inciting the rakyat.

“I do not want this issue to prolong any further,” he said.

The controversy involving the KK Super Mart started on March 13 when images of socks sold at one of the convenience store chain’s outlets with the word “Allah” were circulated on social media.

Despite the company’s management apologising, the situation became a heated issue with a nationwide boycott called by Umno Youth chief Dr Muhamad Akmal Saleh.

Previously on March 27, Sultan Ibrahim had expressed his displeasure at the controversy and called for stern action to be taken against those responsible.

It was reported on Monday that a third KK Super Mart was fire-bombed after a Molotov Cocktail was thrown at some boxes placed at the five-foot-way of the outlet on Jalan Satok in Kuching.

The first incident of a targeted attack on KK Super Mart outlets was in Bidor, Tapah on March 26, and the second in Sungai Isap, Kuantan on March 29.

All three incidents were believed to have been linked to the earlier “Allah” printed socks controversy.

Last week, Chai popularly known as KK Chai, was charged under Section 298 of the Penal Code for deliberate intent to wound the religious feelings of others, alongside his wife. Both claimed trial.