ALOR SETAR, Nov 20 — The Department of Environment (JAS) issued a total of 934 compounds to motor vehicle owners for the emission of pollutants exceeding the stipulated standards in operations carried out throughout the country in the third quarter of this year.

Its director-general, Datuk Wan Abdul Latiff Wan Jaffar said the compounds were issued as a result of inspecting 31,536 vehicles through 4,438 Motor Vehicle Enforcement Operations (Static Ops) involving Diesel Static Ops, Petrol Static Ops, Motorcycle Noise Ops and Motorcycle Gas Ops.

“For Diesel Static Ops a total of 20,687 vehicles were inspected and a total of 271 compounds were issued; in Petrol Static Ops, 478 vehicles were inspected and 28 compounds were issued; for Motorcycle Noise Ops, 9,245 vehicles were inspected and 625 compounds were issued while in Motorcycle Gas Ops, 1,126 vehicles were inspected and 10 compounds were issued.

“Vehicles that do not comply with the set limit of 50 per cent black smoke density will be subject to compound action,” he said at a press conference after the Static Ops conducted here today. The operation also involved the Road Transport Department (JPJ).


In today’s operation, a total of 59 diesel vehicles were inspected and three vehicle owners were compounded and ordered to carry out retests on their respective vehicles after corrective action was taken.

In the meantime, Wan Abdul Latiff said DOE is always committed to controlling the causes of air pollution from various activities, especially in urban areas caused by motor vehicles.

“This Static Ops will continue to be carried out by DOE throughout the country because our job is to ensure that the air quality in this country continues to be maintained and is always in a clean and healthy condition for the people.


“We also ask all vehicle owners to always ensure that their vehicles are maintained regularly to avoid the emission of excessive smoke that may result in environmental pollution,” he said. — Bernama