KUANTAN, Sept 1 — A total of 86 areas in this district will experience a scheduled water disruption beginning at 12 noon on September 6 (Tuesday).

Pengurusan Air Pahang Berhad (PAIP) chief executive officer Saiful Zaini Mohd Bokhari said the water disruption was due to work to improve the water supply system at the Kobat pump house which has to be carried out to increase the capacity and quality of water supply in Kuantan in the future.

He said the works involved the maintenance of a 1,500mm mild steel cement lining (MSCL) raw water pipe and the installation of a high-capacity and high-efficiency new water pump.

Saiful Zaini however said that overall, not every area is affected because PAIP still have an additional 1, 600mm raw water pipe.


“The maintenance work is expected to take 12 hours and PAIP will try to minimise the disruption period and for a start, preliminary work has been carried out to ensure a minimum period of disruption,” he said in a statement today.

Areas expected to experience disruption are the whole of Beserah until Sempadan Chendor including MCKIP, Maritim, Bandar Damansara, Taman Dato’ Rashid, Batu Hitam, Kampung Darat Sekolah, Jeram, Sungai Karang Maju, Aspa Cottage, Jabor, Sungai Karang, Chengal Lempong, Balok, Seberang Balok, Sungai Ular, Pelabuhan, Cherating, and Kubang Ikan.

The other places are the entire area of Gebeng Industri Phase I, II, III, MCKIP, and the entire port area. Other areas include the entire area of Jalan Jabor, Kampung Alor Batu Jabor, Jalan Semambu, Politeknik Semambu, Semambu Industrial Area and Semambu Industrial Area.


Also affected are Pejabat Ukur, Jalan Beserah, Alor Akar area, Sri Kuantan, Kubang Buaya, Jalan Teluk Sisek, Teluk Chempedak, Istana Mahkota Teluk Sisek, Tanjung Api, Taman Gelora, Padang Lalang, Tanjung Api, Taman Selamat, Tembeling Resort and Kelab Golf Diraja.

Commenting further, Saiful Zaini said water supply is expected to resume after 12 hours up to 48 hours in stages after maintenance work is fully completed and the water distribution system has stabilised.

“PAIP will also provide alternative assistance by deploying water tanks to consumers. Priority is given to critical premises,” he added. — Bernama