KUCHING, Aug 28 — Parti Islam Se-Malaysia’s (PAS) fixation with concerts in the midst of a possible economic slowdown and rampant corruption in Malaysia shows how they have their priorities confused and have nothing constructive to offer to problems faced by Malaysians, said Bandar Kuching MP Dr Kelvin Yii.

In response to the recent statement made by PAS Youth Chief Ahmad Fadhli Shaari on saying that PAS will hold a nationwide protest if the government do not cancel international concerts, Dr Yii said PAS is not only lacking of ideas to move the country forward, but he viewed it as a threat to a multicultural, plural society like Malaysia.

“As part of the government, all they can offer to address everyday Malaysians’ problems seems to be to protest against concerts in our country.

“Are all these concerts by so-called overseas artists even the cause of the moral collapse of the leaders in power, which have led to billions stolen and to criminal breach of trust (CBT) involving millions of ringgit?

“Why no nationwide protest for all these more serious matters especially against blatant corruption, bad governance, inequality, discrimination, and oppressive laws that are inflicting real damage to our country and its people?” he posed these questions in a statement yesterday.

Dr Yii opined that all these divisive rhetorics are merely smokescreen for their leader’s incompetence in dealing with real issues that affect all Malaysians as well as their deafening silence against their own partners in government who are involved in grand corruption and kleptocracy.

“Such ‘Taliban-mindset’ to regress Malaysia into a somewhat medieval past has no place in Malaysia and surely not conducive for development, thus leaving us further trailing behind our other neighbouring countries.

“This is why there should not be a place for PAS in positions of power in our country. This is the kind of government PAS will bring, so vote wisely in the next general election,” Dr Yii said. — Borneo Post