KOTA BARU, July 3 — A multi-purpose complex with a digital sports entertainment concept worth RM6 million will be built in Ketereh.

Communications and Multimedia Minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa said negotiation is in progress, and already in the final stage, on the purchase of a 23-hectare site, worth RM10 million, for the project.

“All games and art performances will be improved and presented in digital elements with lighting and high-tech sound system,” he told reporters after the prize presentation and closing of the RTM Kelantan “Seni Silat” (Malay art of self-defence) competition here last night.

Annuar, who is Ketereh Member of Parliament, said the country had yet to have such a complex.

“After we have done the design work, I’ll discuss with the State Culture, Tourism and Heritage Committee chairman Datuk Md Anizam Ab Rahman to get the inputs on silat-related associations.

“This is part of our effort to preserve Kelantan’s heritage. In fact, it (project) will take some time... it will not only have martial arts courts, but also batik and handicraft as an attraction,” he said, adding that the complex would be developed in stages.

“InsyaAllah, this will be something that Kelantan can be proud of. When I went to Sarawak, there’s the Sarawak Cultural Village and many places where I have been to, they have their (cultural and arts) centres.

“Kelantan is unique and we need to take the initiative to do the same through sponsorship and involvement of non-governmental organisations (NGO),” he added. — Bernama