RAWANG, June 4 — A group of non-governmental organisation managed to clear over 80kg of trash through plogging (picking up trash and litter while jogging) at Taman Eko Rimba, Kanching here today.

Over 80 volunteers from Persatuan Cuci Malaysia in collaboration with the Selangor state government, Tourism Selangor and UNIMY spent six hours cleaning up the park.

"With all hands on deck, the team of passionate volunteers managed to collect over 85kg of trash within just only 6 hours. Thus, following the success of this program, Persatuan Cuci Malaysia along with the Selangor government and Tourism Selangor, we would like to encourage more people to engage in activities such as this to protect and preserve our environment that truly does belong to us,” the group's president Chandra Arjun told Malay Mail The volunteers hiked for several miles up the recreational park — popularly known as Templer Park in the morning sun and pickied up every litter such as cigarette butts that they came across. "Persatuan Cuci Malaysia felt that it is extremely necessary to carry out such activities, especially when the surrounding areas have been contaminated with trash that can not only jeopardise the wellbeing of the park but cause much damage to the flora and fauna of the park. Recreational areas such as this need to be preserved and protected at all times,” he added.

A Cuci Malaysia volunteer, Muzammil Faridza said the team had in the past picked up trash along the Cyberjaya and Seremban recreational areas. "We even took part in the aftermath of floods in Selangor, sending volunteers to clean up the houses in several areas affected by the disaster,” he said when met.

Meanwhile, Rawang state assemblyman Chua Weng Kiat, who also joined the event, said the program has successfully created awareness for the public. "We are happy to see youths actively participating in cleaning the waterfall area. We hope to see more efforts like this, and more education is needed so that the public and the local government can work better in keeping our country clean,” he said.

For volunteers Sitti Najwaunaizah and Hanisah Zainuddin, the program has also been a golden opportunity for them to learn more about "logging". Sitti said she would want to be involved in more activities like this in the future as it encourages youth development to nurture the love of nature and keeping the country clean.

Her friend, Hanisah said: "Such a great event for students to create a great impact, not only on the environment and society but also on the improvement of their physical health and communication skills."