KANGAR, June 4 — A total of 1,174 cases of hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) have been recorded in Perlis as of yesterday (June 3), said State health director Dr Sirajuddin Hashim.

He added that for the 22nd epidemiological week from June 29 to June 4, the state had recorded 238 cases. and that so far, three outbreak localities have been detected as still active, involving two nurseries and one kindergarten.

“In general, the number of HFMD in Perlis is high but under control. The public do not have to worry and are advised to always adhere to the health advice issued from time to time,” he told reporters after attending the launch of the state-level community health agents programme, or MyCHAMPION, here today.

Sirajuddin said the operators and caregivers at child care centres and nurseries should take the necessary precautions, such as always ensuring the cleanliness of the premises.


He added that at present, Perlis is not facing any shortage of medicines in hospitals, health clinics or pharmacies following the outbreak of HFMD.

“There is no panic purchase involving medicines related to fever, colds and allergies,” he said. — Bernama