SHAH ALAM, April 10 — A 40-year-old man who died at his house in Petaling last March 10 was diagnosed with rabies, according to the Selangor Health Department (JKNS).

Its director, Dr Sha’ari Ngadiman, in a statement on the JKNS official Facebook of the Selangor Health Department (JKNS), said this followed a post mortem result on the victim last Monday (April 4).

“His body was sent to Serdang Hospital for autopsy and the results of laboratory tests on brain specimens were found to be positive for the rabies virus,” he said.

Dr Sha’ari said following which, investigation on his movements was conducted and it was found that he was still walking around the residential area two days before he died.


“The cause of the infection is still under investigation. No symptoms and signs of rabies were reported in this case,” he said.

Dr Sha’ari said several prevention and control measures had been carried out in an integrated manner by JKNS, the Veterinary Services Department (DVS) and the local government authority (PBT) in Petaling, including removing stray dogs of off the streets since last April 7.

“The captured animals were sent to the Veterinary Research Institute (VRI),” he said.


 He said all public and private health facilities had also been alerted to increase awareness and early detection of cases involving dog or wild animal bites, whereby the Shah Alam Hospital and Serdang Hospital had been appointed the referral hospitals for dog bite cases in the state.

“This is to enable risk assessment and wound category for rabies vaccination and rabies immunoglobulin treatment, if necessary,” he said.

Dr Sha’ari also advised the public to always take preventive measures when bitten by dogs or wild animals, which is to immediately clean the wound and seek treatment.

“Immediately report to State Veterinary Service Department or the District Veterinary Services Office if the pet dogs change behaviour, including becoming aggressive, or to the local authority if there are dogs or wild animals roaming in their residential areas,” he said. — Bernama