KOTA BARU, Jan 22 — PAS will negotiate and discuss with Umno, Bersatu and other friendly parties about the party’s participation in the Johor state election, PAS secretary-general Datuk Seri Takiyuddin Hassan said.

The discussion would determine whether PAS would participate in the election in partnership with other parties or not.

“We have not finalised how we will enter this election. As a senior party in the country, we have never not taken part in a general election or state election.

“Whether a few or many (seats), PAS will still participate so I think for the Johor state election if it happens, I guarantee PAS will participate,” he told reporters after attending an event at the Kota Bharu MP service centre here today.

The Energy and Natural Resource Minister said that negotiations between PAS and other parties would provide a good choice for the election.

“For PAS, elections are the process to elect leadership, whether at national level or state.

“It is this election process that will create stability in the country and also in the state as political instability will have a negative impact on the country, state and its people,” he added.

PAS wanted a stable political situation that will stabilise the economy and social environment, he said.

Takiyuddin also reminded leaders in PAS to preserve the confidentiality and reputation of the party and not do anything that would affect the party’s interests negatively.

“Everyone has to think before doing something, including issuing statements...will it be for the good of the party or otherwise,” he added. — Bernama